Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Up on the Wall - Murals

Last year I was commissioned to paint a few murals.  This was a wonderful experience for me!  I was given little direction which allowed me to use my creative ideas to produce some unique pieces of art.  

The first was a scene from the beaches of the Pacific.  The homeowner wanted to surprise his wife who grew up living on the coast.  They were remodeling their bathroom and a wall mural was just the thing to complete the project!  

This is a view of the finished art
Close up of some of the tree detail

The second mural was for a family relative.  Also a bathroom remodel.  They ride horses in the foothills of central California, so this project was something I knew they would enjoy. 
Foothill path and trees, positioned above the bath 

Both pieces of art were painted using acrylics.